Her Story

Suzy seems to have it all together. Her kids are both under 6 years of age, and never seem to stop moving. At soccer she shows up in stylish boots, with perfect hair, a latte in hand, and homemade snacks for the kids.

Suzy has been getting together every once in a while with other stay-at-home moms to enjoy their favorite wine. What started as an occasional thing has become a daily occurrence for Suzy. She’s started to drink wine before meeting her friends and while prepping meals. She feels she’s earned it and deserves to treat herself after the endlessly tough days with two young children, and the hard work she puts into everything she does.

Lately there’s been a time or two that Suzy might over-indulge to the point of forgetting what she’s said or done. Her husband noticed that her alcohol use has increased, and he’s expressed concern for the safety of the children in Suzy’s care when she’s been drinking. She’s always prided herself on being the perfect mom and wife and it’s tough for her to admit that she might have a drinking problem. Remembering that another mom in her group had mentioned having therapy in the past, Suzy gathers her courage and reaches out to her. Suzy’s friend is glad to be of help, and refers her to the same counseling office where she had therapy.

FI Model of Care

To her relief, when Suzy comes into therapy, the therapist reassures her that she is not a moral failure because of her increasing use of alcohol. Together they explore how her parents’ addiction impacted her. They were successful business people who were admittedly functioning alcoholics.

Suzy and her therapist come up with a plan to work through a process of reducing shame, and manage symptoms of depression. The therapist wants to help Suzy form the least restrictive alternative of care, and Suzy is encouraged to meet weekly with the therapist, as well as attend a group that deals with addiction.

Their plan also includes a referral for Suzy to get a chemical dependency assessment. Although the journey of self-discovery and increasing self-esteem has just begun, Suzy feels relief that she has a person she trusts, and who she can be completely honest with.