Their Story

Marc, age 49, and Jennifer, age 48, met twenty years ago, when Marc was in college and Jennifer was waiting tables. They married when Marc graduated, and Jennifer was still working towards her degree. They have two children together, the oldest is in college and the youngest is heading there soon.

Jennifer is realizing that she feels empty when she thinks about the future without them at home. Marc feels the changes in the home, and realizes how isolated he’s become from his wife. Even though he recognizes the problem, he’s not sure where to even begin in solving it. They decide to get counseling to deal with feeling distant from each other and the sadness of an empty house.

FI Model of Care

Marc and Jennifer attend couple’s counseling and begin to explore the difficult adjustment that will be occurring as their child goes to college. Therapy focuses on building their marriage into a strong and healthy relationship by exploring how both partners view the issues, when conflicting feelings started, and how things have been managed.

With their therapist, they were able to work on a treatment plan to set goals to improve communication, understanding one another, and finding new ways to work together to resolve conflict. Both are thankful for making the time to focus on their marriage and the guidance they received from their therapist. They even find themselves excited for aspects of life without children at home.