His Story

Derrick is a 17-year-old high school junior who recently had to transfer to his second high school in just two years. He has moved over ten times in his life because his family has been evicted due to his brother’s behavioral issues.

Derrick loves his brother, but has a hard time not resenting him. Derrick knows his mom loves him, but she spends most of her time working and dealing with his brother’s issues. Derrick is pretty quiet, and feels alone even when he’s surrounded by other kids at school. Lately he’s been having suicidal thoughts and wants to talk to his mom about what he’s thinking and feeling, but knows his mom already has a lot to deal with.

Despite how busy she’s been, Derrick’s mom has started to notice the changes in Derrick, and she’s worried about him. She tries to talk with him, but only gets, “nothing’s wrong” or “I’m fine” from him. She talks to him about going to see a therapist. Derrick really doesn’t like the idea of talking to some stranger about what’s going on in his life, but he reluctantly agrees to go.

FI Model of Care

Derrick receives individual therapy at Family Innovations by a competent and down-to-earth therapist who loves to work with teenagers who do not open up easily. After building a good rapport with Derrick, he and his therapist establish a safety plan for Derrick due to his thoughts of suicide. It involves a strategy for Derrick that helps stop his thoughts of suicide, and reminds him of his self-worth and potential in life.

He starts to see life differently and his mom is relieved to see her son’s vibrant personality returning. After Derrick and his therapist agree that Derrick is able to handle his depression in a healthy and effective manner by himself, they discuss having sessions once a month knowing that he will have continued support from his therapist.