His Story

Danny is a 23-year old college graduate. He graduated before quite a few of his buddies who hadn’t really settled into their majors, and he’s proud he completed his degree. Danny recently began working as a Life Insurance agent. He accomplished his goal of finding a job, but he’s noticing it’s more challenging than he thought.

As much as he tries, Danny is having a hard time staying on task and focusing on his job duties. He also finds he is not able to pay attention to his customers for long periods of time. Danny’s ADHD symptoms are increasing in intensity. He also feels pressure from his parents to start a budget so he can move out of the house one day. Danny’s family and friends have commented that he has been more irritable lately. His life after college is filled with challenges he hadn’t expected and he’s feeling overwhelmed and doesn’t even know where to start. Fortunately, he’s got no hang-up about trying therapy for help.

FI Model of Care

Danny receives individual therapy at Family Innovations. He makes a plan with his therapist to start weekly so he can get the help and action-steps he needs to better manage life stressors, and his ADHD symptoms. Once Danny and his therapist agree that Danny is making progress on his life goals, they will start to meet on a monthly basis to check-in so Danny still has ongoing support.